How do I fill in my profile in 1goo card apps to create my business card ?

Click the <<answer>> to see details answer.


What is a card “Theme”?  Can I scan my paper business card into the Theme ?

<<如何建立自己的主題佈局? 我能否掃描自己名片作為預設個人名片?>>

A card “Theme” is a business card design template helping users create card easily and providing selection of different layouts with Name, Company and Title.   The last choices of Theme is a blank one which allow you to insert your own paper business card design into the Theme.   See further details and steps here <<answer>>.


Why is the business card showing only Company, Name and Title?

They are key information attracting immediate attention.  The 1goo Card turns phone, SMS, emails and websites  into function keys which are non-existent on paper cards.


Can I have a bilingual card layout?

No problem – just input personal profile with bilingual letters using “space” to align them in two rows.


What If the keyboard blocks input?

Simply push “return” on visual keyboard to lower keyboard.


Can I delete card(s) from 1goo card apps data base?

Yes, you can delete them in two approaches:

1) In the business card full page, “delete” button is at RHS corner; and

2) In the card list page, use finger to slide on the desired row from right to left, until the “delete” button appears


How do I check my business card’s count meter ? <<answer>>