This can be the best business card management system ever introduced.  The 1goo Business Card is an intelligent E-business card apps allowing you to keep thousands of contacts – never missing any connection.  You only need to create your profile ONCE and send it to everyone!  You can send it face-to-face via Bluetooth or through the web to recipients thousands of miles away.  The 1goo Business Card organizes your name card system orderly inside your smart phone.


The instinctive UI layout is extremely easy to use.  The 1goo Business Card is the apps you need for everyday networking with friends and business associates.  You stay in contact with others with the touch of buttons.



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What is a card “Theme”?  Can I scan my paper business card into the Theme ?  << Answer >>
<<如何建立自己的主題佈局? 我能否掃描自己名片作為預設個人名片?>>


Essential Features of 1goo Business Card:


  1. Your personal E-business card system goes with you everywhere;
  2. You only need to create your profile ONCE and it can be bilingual (English + Local);
  3. It can process hundreds of business cards in seconds – no more manual input;
  4. Exchange cards with friends via Bluetooth or through website
  5. Search and send business cards on the 1goo website once your contacts have registered as members;
  6. Business cards can include his/her portrait helping you to facilitate recalling your friendship;
  7. You can easily update your own profile;
  8. It can search, sort and tag the business cards you need in a second;
  9. Group people into teams according to their hobbies and interests;
  10. Dial, email and send SMS to the person directly on apps with just the touch of a button;
  11. Download and organize name cards database automatically;
  12. The 1goo Business Card can synchronize database with iTunes so you never lose contacts; and
  13. Database capacity is unlimited (depending on your phone’s memory).