If you are considering starting a new page in your life, this Career Page is made for you.  For those wishing to work in creative IT fields, where vacancies are rarely advertised, here’s the chance to take the challenge of seeking out opportunities and pursuing them with confidence.  Most jobs in the creative IT fields are gained through networking or speculative applications.  A good CV effectively describing your skills, abilities, talent and experience, together with an appropriate portfolio, can help give you confidence.

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Tough jobs are never easy to come by.  Only the professional and skilful in social networking can handle this crazy life.  You will need to hang out in bars after work, answer calls from clients at 4am, put on a mask at the office, listen but hearing — you will never have time to enjoy walk of life.

Ignore above if you are not ready to take on the world!

If you are convinced you qualify, keep your eyes on job opportunities!

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