Time to change using E-business card system

For years, managing personal business cards is a tough task when you have thousands of them.  We used to scan, photo and use OCR or input them into contact list one by one — except you have a beautiful secretary to do it for you…


Now, you can forget these old-fashioned ways of keeping track of business cards.   The 1goo Card is an intelligent business card apps you can use to create your own profile and send to everyone!   You can send it via Bluetooth face-to-face or through the web to recipients thousands of miles away.  The 1goo Card organizes your business card system orderly.

Gone are the days when you had to embarrassingly say “sorry, I ran out of business cards”, because your business card is always in hand. The UI layout is extremely easy to use.   The 1goo Card is the apps you need for everyday networking.   You will always be in touch with business partners and friends.


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